8/6/2020 The ZERO Prostate Cancer RUN/WALK -- Virtual Celebration!
The ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk - Philadelphia hosted by MidLantic Urology is Going Virtual on September 13!
Support Philadelphia Prostate Cancer Patients During COVID-19
6/21/2019 No Scalpel Vasectomy Offers Less Bruising, Smaller Scars & Faster Recovery
Every year more than one-half million men in the United States have a vasectomy. The procedure is considered nearly 100 percent effective, safe, and avoids interference with sexual pleasure.
4/11/2019 Various Techniques of Vasectomy
There are several techniques being used today - Traditional, No-Scalpel, Laser and more . . .

7/10/2017 Updated Guidelines for Prostate Cancer Screening
From the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force...

10/13/2016 Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction
Confidential assessment that will determine the cause for the problem...

10/10/2016 Robotic Assisted Surgery for Prostate Cancer
The most effective, least invasive robotic prostate surgery performed today...